Therapeutic Orofacial Massager

The Therapeutic Orofacial Massager is a speech therapy device with electrical activation (battery), which is used during the treatment of the orofacial system (internal and external) for the stimulation or relaxation of the orofacial muscles.

The accessories of the Therapeutic Orofacial Massager are one of a kind and are designed to facilitate the therapeutic work.

The function of each component is different and aims to activate or relax different muscles or muscle systems.

  • OralMassager 05
  • OralMassager 07
  • OralMassager 08 1
  • OralMassager 04
  • OralMassager 02
  • OralMassager 03

Orofacial assembler accessories:

  • marbles, for local stimulation of the periorbital muscles.
  • disc, for external use for the relaxation of the lip, parietal and genital muscles.
  • spatula, base for placing disposable tongue depressor, for relaxation of the tongue muscles and internal parietal muscles.
  • acupressure, for external use for activation of the beard and jaw muscle (under the jaw) but also for local peripheral use.
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