Speech Sondes are mechanical speech therapy tools, for the positioning of the tongue and the correct production of phonemes in cases of joint disorders.

Speech Sondes are specifically designed to produce the right sound quickly and easily.

The function of each Speech Sonde is multiple.

On the one hand for the positioning of the tongue and the formation of the phonemes, and on the other hand for internal use and massage of the organs of speech.

Their action is mechanical.

Each Speech Sonde is applied to a specific point on the speech organs and thus causes the movement or positioning of the speech organ, which is necessary for the production of the desired phoneme.

Each SPEECH SONDE has a different shape and is intended for a different sound. They are designed to be painless and to fit in the oral cavity.

The set consists of 6 pieces. Their placement in the case is proportional to their numbering from 1 to 6.

Formation of the phonemes : r, s, l, k, g, c, ts, tz.
Speech Sonde No 1 – Billia
Speech Sonde No 2 – Rhombus
Speech Sonde No 3 – Triangle with extension
Speech Sonde No 4 – Square with torsion
Speech Sonde No 5 – Square
Speech Sonde No 6 – Spatula.

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